A Grand Idea Winner – Pupcakes Rescue

About Pupcakes Rescue Centre

We run Pupcakes Rescue in Quadring. We are building a kennel block so we can house more urgent dogs. We currently have 14 in our house but more and more get dumped daily. We already have the kennel structures and internal petitions built and have purchased the outside runs but need further funding for the internal insulation, external cladding and materials to prepare the ground for the Astro turf so it’s nice for the dogs. A donation of a thousand pounds would finish our project.

The donation from Ringrose Law has helped towards the completion of the Kennel block for the dogs.

So many dogs need help. We have to turn away hundreds of dogs a week because we simply do not have the space. With this kennel block we would be able to help so many more. We rescue and rehabilitate and re-home dogs who have nowhere else to go. And provide them with a lifetime safety net.