A Grand Idea Finalist – Dimension Skatepark

About Dimension Skatepark

Dimension Skatepark (Charity 1166490) was formed by a group of volunteers to provide a Multi-Wheeled Sports Facility for the people of Bourne and surrounding area, to be used Free of Charge.
The facility, once built, will provide access to all young people now and in the future regardless of economic background. ethnicity or gender.
Bourne United Charities is offering the use of a piece of the Abbey Lawn under a lease agreement. We have been granted planning permission for the proposed project

How would £1000 benefit Dimension Skatepark?

We have had a user group working with an established Skatepark builder and have a final design for Bourne which will require £250000 to build. If we were to receive £1000 the money would be a contribution to the overall build cost. At this early stage of fundraising it would be one of the first, but it could very easily be regarded as the last £1000 that enables the project to go ahead. Bourne has been waiting a long time for a Skatepark and we hope to raise the money as soon as we can.

Why do you think it is A Grand Idea?

This project has been a long time in the pipeline, nearly 30 years and is now very close to finally being implemented. There are countless benefits from having such a facility available for free for the people of Bourne and surrounding area. The project has the support of Bourne Police, Bourne Town Council and Bourne Mayor along with many other businesses and residents in the local community.