A Grand Idea Finalist – Tonic Health

About Tonic Health

Tonic Health is a registered charity, (No 1167493), with the aim of promoting community health and wellbeing. We run several projects for people living with mental health problems and Dementia. We have, GEM Kids, a term time children’s project promoting healthy eating and activities. We also run fitness classes from stretch to high intensity interval training. We also have, in our building several therapists, from a herbalist to an award winning practitioner in the Bowen Technique.

How would £1000 benefit Tonic Health?

The £1000 would be used for our GEM Kids project. The GEM Kids is a project for under-privileged kids, promoting healthy eating and wellbeing. The project is broken down into 4 groups, these are run for 6 weeks each to mirror term times. Each group is for 20 kids so it helps 80 kids a year. Bakkavor kindly provide the services of a chef free of charge. The GEM kid’s project costs £1000 a year, a projected cost of only £12.50 per child, and this would secure funding for the year 2018.

Why do you think it is A Grand Idea?

The GEM kid’s project is aimed at under-privileged kids who otherwise would not have the opportunity to be shown how to eat healthily in a happy and fun filled environment. Exercise activities are designed in such a way as the kids don’t even realize they are being active. As the project is aimed at under-privileged children, and with a breakdown cost of only £12.50 per child, it is also an extremely cost effective project reaching 80 children per year.