Nerina Farmer

About Nerina Farmer

Nerina is a West Sussex girl but has roamed the country since she was eighteen. Finally, Nerina was drawn to Lincolnshire where she has remained ever since!

Nerina joined the solicitors firm Nortons in April 2001, which merged with Ringrose Law in May 2005. Nerina was delighted to be invited to become a partner in January 2006.

Nerina is the Head of the Grantham Office and manages the Wills and Probate team at our Grantham Office, and still provides a niche conveyancing service for her clients!


Nerina studied Law at Durham University, then did her Law Society Finals at Chester. Nerina started her articles in Newcastle then moved her training to London and then moved to Hampshire.


In her spare time, unlike Julie, Nerina does not collect shoes, but does collect children and has three! So in reality, Nerina doesn’t have any spare time!