Compensation for accidents at work might be publicised regularly, but schools have also had to pay out for injuries in recent years.

Of 16 claims made in Lincolnshire since 2005, five are described as being caused by equipment and three more by manual handling.

Falling, trapping and fixtures and fittings all feature twice on the list, with one trip and one slip making up the final two.

The biggest payout of £14,000 was in the 2006-07 school year to a 12-year-old injured by equipment.

It is not possible to identify at which schools the claims were made or the exact details of the accidents.

Richard Harwood, Head of Ringrose Law’s personal injury department in North Hykeham, said claims in schools were quite common, but not every accident could result in a claim.

Mr Harwood said: “I deal with quite a lot of claims against schools. I’ve probably got three or four on my books at any one time.

“Teachers have a duty of care to children in the same way a parent does, so the key to claims is to establish whether a reasonable parent would have acted in that way.

“Accidents happen and in those instances there isn’t a claim. What is key is whether the injury occurred because someone did something wrong or failed to take action when they should have done.

“For example, if a child was left alone on a trampoline and fell off, there would be a claim there, but if it was an injury during a well-run lesson, that would just be an accident.”

The county council said it helped schools make sure they provided a safe environment for children.

James Hollis, 22, of West Parade, is starting a PGCE course in London next year.

He said: “It is a bit off-putting to hear about these claims because you have a lot of stress  being a teacher anyway.

“I hear about male teachers having special training for how to deal with sexual harassment cases and all sorts. It is a lot to worry about.

“I think probably some of these cases are valid and it is important that trainee teachers are told about some examples of claims because you can learn from them and try not to make mistakes.”

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