I was recently asked by a friend’s child how Santa would know where to bring her presents now that mummy and daddy lived in different homes. Of course I told her that Santa was magical and always knew where the good little boys and girls were sleeping. She seemed to buy it and I was off the hook!

This did get me thinking though. Every week myself and my colleagues at Ringrose Law go down to Court to deal with the issue of contact. At this time of year the most contentious issue is where will the children be on Christmas day. Understandably all parents would want to spend Christmas day with their children particularly when they still see the magic and wonder in the day rather than the stress of cooking a turkey too big for your oven and the bills your left to pay in January. But this isn’t always possible following a divorce or separation and sometimes it is difficult to come to an agreement about who should have the children on Christmas.

Over recent years the Courts have favoured children spending Christmas Day in the home at which they live at most of the time. The non-resident parent is usually given an additional day of contact on either Christmas eve or Boxing day to have a second Christmas celebration with the children. Whilst this pattern is quite often the norm it is not a hard and fast rule. At Ringrose Law we feel it is important to look at each and every situation on an individual basis and help clients reach an agreement which best suits their needs.

Separation is hard on everyone, not to mention confusing for Santa and his magical sense of direction. If you are having problems sorting out Christmas contact with your children then why not get in touch with me on 01636 594467 for some initial advice to see how we can help you. We have offices in Newark, North Hykeham, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford and Boston and can arrange an appointment at your local branch.

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