Here at Ringrose Law, our specialist Personal Injury Team provide assistance to many employees who find themselves the victim of an accident at work.

We understand what an anxious and distressing time this is for our clients and their families. We know of situations where clients have been refused sick pay following an accident. Other clients have told us stories where they have been dismissed following an accident that was not their fault. We can help.

Have you had an accident at work?

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident at work, and you have suffered an injury, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.  As with all personal injury claims, you would need to prove that your injury was caused as a result of the fault of another party (probably your employer or a fellow employee). Ringrose Law can assist you in compiling your evidence and presenting a claim.

Who is responsible?

All employers have a statutory duty to protect their employees, contractors and visitors from accidents and injuries. This includes ensuring: –

  • All employees are provided with any personal protective equipment they require to complete their jobs such as;- goggles, hard hats, ear defenders, dust masks, safety gloves, safety boots or high-visibility jackets.
  • Their workplace is kept in a safe and tidy condition. Employees should be provided with suitable workstations and chairs. Floors and corridors should be clean and free from hazards. Doors and gates should not be obstructed.
  • They provide their employees with the necessary machinery and tools to complete their jobs.  Employers also need to ensure that machines and tools are maintained to a safe condition.
  • All employees required to lift heavy objects should receive training to show them how to do this safely.
  • That employees working at height are safe in doing so.

Can Ringrose Law help you?

Most clients who come to see us following an accident at work have two initial basic needs:- rehabilitation for their injuries and financial compensation for their lost wages

    • Rehabilitation

All employers who have a claim made against them must comply with the Rehabilitation Code. The aim of this Code is to promote early assistance and rehabilitation so that the injured person makes the best and quickest possible medical, social and psychological recovery. This applies whatever the severity of the injuries suffered. The Code is designed to ensure that the injured person’s need for rehabilitation is assessed and addressed as a priority.

  • Loss of earnings

As soon as fault is accepted for an accident at work, we can immediately make a claim for any loss of earnings incurred.

How much will a claim cost?

For most clients bringing a claim will cost nothing. At Ringrose Law our specialist Personal Injury Team will always give a free appraisal as to whether or not you can make a claim. Thereafter we can usually work on a “no win, no fee” basis, or through legal expense insurers.

If you or anyone you know has been involved in an accident at work and suffered a workplace injury, telephone us now. We can help.

How can we help?

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