The Centre of Social Justice has published a report stating that a million UK children are growing up without a father in their lives. Lone families ‘fatherless families’ are increasing by more than 20,000 per annum and is expected to exceed two million by the next general election! This has led to what the report defines as ‘men deserts’.

The report states that there are 236 pockets of towns in England and Wales where more than 50% of households with dependant children are headed by a lone mother. Christian Guy, the CJS director states that “For children growing up in some of the poorest parts of the country, men are rarely encountered in the home or in the classroom. This is an ignored form or deprivation that can have profoundly damaging consequences on social and mental development.

Children growing up without a meaningful relationship with their fathers (which the report defines as twice per year or more) is linked to detrimental teenage behaviour; there is a strong correlation between fatherlessness and teenage crime, pregnancy and disadvantage.

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