Some people (like me) are blessed with wonderful neighbours, they look after the house when you go away and cause no bother at all with the way they get along with you in day to day life. Sadly not all of us have that experience and sometimes it can get a bit heated.

Here in the Criminal Defence Team at Ringrose Law recently we have noticed that more and more of these neighbour disputes have been needing to have the Police involved, particularly in the Summer months when we are all outside enjoying (or trying to enjoy!) our gardens in the Sun, another theme we have noticed in the Police Station is that people are also enjoying a few drinks and that this has led them to react badly to their neighbours.

From loud parties in the garden or the house, arguments about fences, dogs barking, shared access to drives and garages and all sorts of other issues which just build up to a head sometimes between neighbours, disputes can get very heated and step onto the wrong side of the law, problem neighbours can bring the worst out of anyone it would seem! We have seen all sorts of reactions from people assaulting one another, threatening each other, damaging each others property, blocking up each others drives and many other remedy’s even involving the use of weapons!

If you have had some issues with your neighbour and they have got out of hand then call our specialist criminal defence team who will be happy to help you in most cases free of charge, or if it’s getting towards the point where you just don’t know what to do about your neighbours behaviour then call us before things get out of hand and we can assist.

Don’t let bad neighbours ruin what’s left of your summer call Ringrose Law.

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