The publication  yesterday  of the Daniel Pelka serious case review which found “missed opportunities” details a very sad case whereby a young child was murdered by his Mother and her partner after suffering, “terrifying and dreadful abuse” the report has found. It is clear from the information reported in this case that Daniel was suffering significant abuse at the hands of his parents. The problem that the case review highlights is that professionals, including social services, were never able to get to the bottom of this and identify exactly what was going on in the family home.

Very often when Children’s Services, Social Services or other Professionals are working with families as a result of the inconsistent nature of this input or, difficulties in Professionals working with families for a number of reasons, full information is not gathered and the true picture is not known.

Similarly there are cases where Children’s Services are focusing on a family involved and are simply not getting to the core of the problem.

As a parent or carer looking after children, you are entitled to seek independent legal advice from a Solicitor of your choice in order to gain advice and legal representation in all aspects of your children’s care and involvement with the authority. At Ringrose Law we have a team of very experienced Solicitors and Case Workers who can advise and assist you. Legal Aid is also available and in some cases this doesn’t even depend on your financial circumstances.

No matter how minor or insignificant you think any issues involving Social Services may be please contact us for advice. We are able to attend, in some cases, Core Group Meetings right the way through to Child Protection Conferences and representation at Court where Children’s Services make applications.

Please contact myself or any of the Team at any of our offices for advice and assistance on 01205 311511.

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