No doubt people have heard the phrase that you can talk yourself into trouble, at the police station it is important you have legal representation to avoid doing just this!

We continue to highlight the importance of obtaining your right to free legal advice at the police station. Acting as police station representative I received a call to attend the police station during the early hours of the Saturday morning. My client had been arrested on suspicion of theft from a motor vehicle. The police officer involved in the case explained to me that the actual theft had taken place some days ago, and the reason for my clients arrest was that information had been received by the police that he had possession of similar items that were stolen.

I met with my client and perhaps, just like you and I, he could not recall where he was at the time and what he was doing. As a police officer, perhaps this raises suspicion (no doubt people have heard the phrase that you can talk yourself into trouble!) In considering that there was no evidence to answer I advised my client to exercise his right to remain silent and he agreed. He was released shortly after interview with no further action.

This example highlights the importance of making sure you have representation at the police station, it is your right to ask for a legal representation 7 days a week and 24hours a day, so please ask for us and we will provide you with the best advice.

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