A ladies death has been described as “entirely preventable” by the Health and Safety Executive.  Gillian Astbury died in hospital after two nurses failed to giver her her insulin.  The nurses have since been struck off and one has been cautioned after the Nursing and Midwifery Council found her guilty of gross misconduct.

The Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust (the trust employing the two nurses) is facing a fine.  It has pleaded guilty to failing to properly manage and organise services including its systems for record keeping and sharing patient information.  However the magistrates hearing the case deemed their powers insufficient as they can only impose a fine of up to £20,000.00.  The case has been referred to the Crown court who can impose an unlimited fine.

The court was informed that the trust was running at an annual deficit of 11 million and decided that, having heard all the arguments, the actions of the trust fell well short of expected standards over a substantial period of time.

Ms Astbury’s full time carer has said that whilst the finding does provide a “small measure of justice” the fine is not the only issue.  The stated that the fine would simply hinder the trust “try to get back on its feet” and went on to say his “overwhelming concern” was that senior board members would never be held to account.

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