Is a Social Worker involved with you and your family or someone you know?

Have you been invited to attend a meeting and given a formal letter which states:

“PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER, take it to a Solicitor now. Take this letter to a Solicitor and ask them to come to the meeting with you. Your Solicitor will advise about getting legal aid (free legal advice)”

This letter is called a pre-proceedings letter and Social Services are required to do this if they believe they have enough concerns to consider taking the case to Court.  Any application to Court could involve them applying to the Court for an Order which would allow them to remove any child from your care and place with either other family members or Local Authority foster carers.

If you receive such a letter then it is extremely important that you seek urgent legal advice.  Here at Ringrose Law we have a team of Solicitors and Caseworkers who are specially qualified to advise and assist you in these circumstances.  Home visits and appointments out of normal office hours are available upon request.

If you have received a pre-proceedings letter then Legal Aid is available at Ringrose Law.  You will not have to have a financial assessment of your circumstances, you will qualify automatically, regardless of whether you are in receipt of benefits, working full time or have capital and savings.

At Ringrose Law we understand that if you are in a position where you have received such a letter, the situation may be difficult and extremely stressful.  At Ringrose we will do everything we can to help you and assist you through the process and put forward to Social Services or the Court your case.

For further details or an appointment please contact Vicky Smith or a member of the Team on 01205 311511.

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