NHS hospitals in the UK are among the safest places in the world for a woman to have a baby, but in a recent news story it was revealed that £700 is paid for medical negligence insurance cover for each baby born.

Between 2000-2010, £3bn in compensation was paid spent by the NHS to claimants as the result of negligence arising from maternity care. People are eligible to be paid compensation when the care they receive falls below the high standards expected of medical professionals. When this happens during birth it can have devastating effects for the child and their family. For example, a baby who was starved of oxygen during birth now suffers from severe brain damage, cerebral palsy and visual impairment and will need a great deal of care for the rest of his life.

His parents made a claim for medical negligence against the NHS on his behalf and were successful. The compensation he received included money to pay for the costs of caring for him for the rest of his life and this care is of a higher quality than he would have received if a claim had not been made. The boy’s parents would not have been able to afford to pay for the same level of care on their own and this has meant that his quality of life has been greatly improved.

At Ringrose Law we have a team of specialist medical negligence legal advisors who are dedicated to obtaining compensation for people who have been failed by medical professionals. We ensure that our clients who have suffered at the hands of medical professionals receive the compensation they deserve, including any expenses they have incurred, costs of care or assistance they need in the future and damages for the pain and suffering they have been through.

We have many years experience in dealing with claims arising from negligent maternity care and in all other areas of medical treatment. If you think you may have a claim for compensation as the result of medical negligence, contact us at one of our offices in Boston, Lincoln, Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding or Newark for further advice.

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