I have recently concluded a trial where my client was charged with a very serious offence, and prior to the jury panel being selected, the judge indicated to the defendants this was their last chance to re-consider their pleas of Not Guilty. The defence put forward was not attractive, and as already stated the offence was serious, to the extent that the trial judge indicated that if my client was convicted he would be considering passing a sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

In my opinion my client was quite properly found Not Guilty, but it was the speech to the jury by the trial judge at the conclusion of the case which prompted me to publicise a summary of the same. The jury system is the one and only democratic way of ensuring that every defendant has the right to a fair trial. The defendant, witnesses and the evidence is judged, examined and discussed by a completely independent group of 12 ordinary citizens picked at random, from all walks of life, bringing together their common sense and day to day experiences of the life they have lived. Being a juror is one of the most important public duties of the democratic society in which we live, but it is not easy; sympathy & emotions must be ignored; the case must be tried on the facts presented. I echo the comments by the judge and I too cannot think of any other fairer way to try those that are accused of criminal allegations.

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