According to the Office for National Statistics, divorces amongst adults aged 60 and over are on the rise.  Although rates overall are in decline, the number of UK divorces amongst individuals aged 60+ increased by 73% for men and 82% for women between 1991 and 2011.  It appears that the factors contributing to the increase in divorces trend include longer life expectancy and fewer marriages ending in the death of a spouse, a loss of social stigma associated with divorce and more women participating in the labour market resulting in greater financial independence and the ability to build their own pension.

When couples are divorcing and splitting their complex pensions, solicitors and financial advisers should be involved to ensure that matters are dealt with correctly and that fairness is achieved.

At Ringrose Law, we have a specialist team that is able and willing to assist in divorce cases including those that involve finances. For further information on divorces and finance please contact us here.

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