These days many bank accounts, online accounts and other investments are managed online. These can include

  • ISA’s
  • Bank accounts
  • Shares
  • Investments
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Payments
  • Store cards
  • Credit cards
  • Online bank Accounts
  • Membership Cards

This can be very convenient while you are alive, but do not forget that it can pose problems for your Executors trying to sort out Probate or tax issues after you are gone. If you do not have paper records, bank cards or cheque books they may not even know that the accounts exist. Paypal accounts can be a particular problem in this respect.

At Ringrose Law we can hold your Will for FREE in a secure location, we can also hold details of your online accounts and investments with your Will (including usernames and passwords). That way nothing gets missed and your Executors lives are a lot easier. Alternatively you can keep these details at home, but please ensure you keep them in a safe and protected place.

For further information contact our Ringrose Law Wills and Probate team at one of our offices across Lincolnshire and Newark.

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