Cuts to local Domestic Abuse Services are putting families at risk of being split up.

The Family Rights Group reported of a case where a family were bluntly told if there was another incident of domestic abuse the children would be removed as they didn’t have the resources to intervene further. The Charity which promotes child safety policies said it had seen an 803% rise in enquiries in which domestic violence was a factor.

It is widely reported that it is becoming increasingly hard to access domestic abuse support services such as, Womens Refuges, Outreach Schemes and Programmes to treat perpetrators. The state will no longer offer support until family problems have deteriorated to such a degree that they pass the threshold test for Social Services crisis intervention. Last month a spokesperson for Women’s Aid said that a third of domestic violence charities that rely on Council funding experienced cuts in 2013.

Here at Ringrose Law we provide a 24 hour legal domestic abuse helpline. Legal Aid may well be available.

For further details contact our helpline on 07872 456369 or click here for further information.

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