It has recently been reported that Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children NHS Trust has paid out a multi-million pound settlement sum
after injecting glue into an artery in a patient’s brain by mistake.

Maisha Najeeb’s (aged 10) had a rare medical condition which involved her arteries and veins getting tangled which could potentially result in a bleed, however when she entered Great Ormond Street Hospital in June 2010 she was in good health.

She underwent a procedure at the Hospital that involved using glue to block off blood vessels that could potentially bleed. In order to check that the treatment had been successful and to check the blood flow in her brain, dye was meant to be injected into the artery in her brain. Unfortunately, there was not a procedure in place to ensure that there was a distinction between the syringe containing the dye and the one containing the glue. Consequently, the wrong syringe was picked up and instead of the dye being injected; glue was injected into the artery in her brain causing catastrophic and permanent brain damage. It is sad to think that something as simple as the syringes being marked up so that the treating consultant could have recognised which syringe contained the dye and which one contained the glue could have prevented such a significant brain injury.

Settlement was approved by Judge Birtles at the High Court in London. Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children NHS Trust were ordered to pay an initial £2.8 million lump sum, plus annual payments of £383,000 until she reaches the age of 19, with these payments increasing to £423,000 per year for as long as she lives.

Maisha is now wheelchair bound and requires assistance with all daily tasks and she has sadly lost the majority of her physical and cognitive functions. The compensation will be spent on round the clock care and accommodation.

Whilst money obviously cannot restore the damage that has been caused in this scenario, it ensures that her family can focus on arranging the
necessary and essential care and assistance that she will require without them having to worry about financing the same. If you or a member of your family have received negligent medical treatment or advice and would like to make a claim for compensation please contact our medical negligence team who will be happy to speak to you. For further information contact us at one of our offices in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Newark, Sleaford or Spalding.

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