The car insurance industry has spent considerable time and money persuading the public and indeed the Government that a change in regulation for personal injury car accident claims would bring about a reduction in premiums for the general public.

Anyone who has worked in the legal profession dealing with these types of claims had a healthy scepticism for this promise, on the basis that it was likely to benefit the insurance industry not the genuine people injured in car accidents.

This has been proved true with a recent announcement from the motor insurer LV who has predicted that the costs of car insurance premiums will rise again this year.

John Knight, Head of the Personal Injury team at Ringrose Law viewed this as a very disappointing development, but was sadly not surprised by the announcement.  John agreed that whilst change was needed in this sector of the legal industry, the changes made by the Government were heavily influenced by the insurance industry and have not been to the benefit of innocently injured people making genuine claims or indeed, as it now appears, in reducing insurance premiums.

If you have been involved in an road traffic accident that was not your fault you may be entitailed to make a claim for compensation.               For further information contact Ringrose Law, who are specialists in dealing with road traffic accident claims.

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