Police crime commissioners have joined MP’s in backing a change in the law to prevent abusers getting their hands on their victims safe addresses.

The PCC’s in four areas across the County have backed the plans to provide more legal protection to domestic abuse victims. The move follows claims that survivors of domestic violence were being put in harm’s way by court’s which were forcing them to hand over their details in public.

The problem was identified when one survivor of years of physical and mental abuse claimed she was threatened with jail if she did not hand over her safe address in open Court.

Our domestic abuse department work closely with the Police to seek Injunctive Orders for those who have suffered domestic abuse and ensure that addresses are kept confidential and the client is properly supported and protected throughout the Court process. In a recent case we issued outside of the County to ensure the whereabouts of our client was protected.

For further help and information please contact one of our Domestic Abuse Team at Lincoln, Grantham, Newark, Sleaford, Spalding or Boston or contact the helpline on 07872 456369.

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