All of the above offences carry the risk of points being endorsed on your driving licence. Even having a bald tyre can attract 3 points. And it only takes 12 points and you are facing a driving ban of at least 6 months. If you rely on your driving licence as much as I do for work then losing it could have catastrophic consequences. Obviously we can represent you and try and keep your licence, but these offences don’t qualify for legal aid and then the question of payment arises.

I am currently representing a client in relation to driving offences where losing her licence would mean losing her job. To my surprise the ‘legal cover’ element of her household insurance covers her for these Court proceedings, so her insurance company are paying my fees. Think of all those monthly payments you make and now my client is able to get some benefit. Every policy will be different but clearly it is worth making that enquiry as our representation in Court could it may make all the difference between keeping or losing your licence.

Our Motoring Offences team can assist with a range of offences from speeding fines, driving without due care and attention, to totting up and removal of disqualifications. To speak to one of our Motoring Offences Team please contact us here or contact one of our offices in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Newark, Sleaford and Spalding.

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