Most Family Law proceedings in Court are held in the privacy of the Judge, the Parties, their Solicitors, and Attendant Court Officials.

However, they appear to be a movement towards some family proceedings being held in open Court. In other words, with no restrictions being placed upon who can attend Court and/or the lifting of any reporting restrictions.

Mr Justice Mostyn recently lifted a reporting ban on a Sunday Telegraph Columnist (Christopher Brooker), from reporting on a case known as M v M and the London Borough of Sutton.

That case involved the future of children who are currently living with their mother.

Last week it was submitted to the High Court that the reporting of the dispute between the mother and the London Borough were ‘clearly in the public interest’, and that the Order preventing reporting on the case should therefore be lifted.

Mr Justice Mostyn agreed. He removed the Injunction ‘because the emphasis should be on the transparency’ in the Courts.

This is clearly a significant judgment towards more transparency in the Courts and we shall have to see what future this development has on future ‘similar’ cases.

For representation and advide on any family law proceedings in Court, please contact the family team at Ringrose Law Solicitors.

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