Health Care Professionals are to receive training so that they can recognise the signs of Domestic Violence and ensure that those who are victims of such abuse are aware of the help available to them.

Professor Mike Kelly, Director of Public Health at the ‘National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’ (NICE) said:

Domestic violence and abuse are far more common than people think. It can affect anyone – particularly women and children, but also men, regardless of age, geographical location, income, relationship type, family set-up or ethnic origin.

It is a common problem within the NHS that staff are not currently trained in relation to Domestic Violence and recognising the signs.

Gene Feder, Professor of Primary Health Care at the University of Bristol and the Chair of the group which developed the guidance, said:

“We need to wake up to the magnitude of the problem. Women who experience domestic violence and abuse have a three times greater risk of depression, four times greater risk of anxiety and seven times greater risk of post-traumatic stress disorder. We tend to deal with the medical problems but don’t recognise the underlying abuse.

How we can Help

If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic violence, contact Ringrose Law Family team and we can help. We have offices across Lincolnshire and Newark, or alternatively, contact our 24hr domestic abuse helpline on 07872 456369.

How can we help?

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