The Scheme relates to those affected by the Bedroom Tax which was introduced in April 2013, requiring those, in receipt of state benefits and with a spare bedroom to make a contribution towards their social housing rent.

The Housing Swap Scheme, announced by the City of Lincoln Council’s Housing Department on 17th March 2014 allows tenants, where a match is identified living in homes with two or more bedrooms to be put in touch with each other to consider effectively a swap. That allows tenants wishing to increase the size of their property to swap with those wishing to downsize and vice versa.

Head of Dispute Resolution of Ringrose Law, comments upon the Scheme.

‘In principle this is a particularly sound Scheme. It affords particularly those tenants who wish to downsize in the current economic climate a way of reducing their exposure to rent contributions which were brought about in April 2013. It is certainly something to be welcomed in that regard and something that ought to be promoted for those that it affects.’

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