We go the extra mile to help your business in Road Transport Law

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Road Transport LawThe Ringrose Law Road Traffic Team don’t just represent individuals in Court, Giles Tyas from our Road Traffic Defence Team was at Court in Nottingham last week representing an international haulage business. Unfortunately one of their drivers had been caught driving one of their vehicles to a weight which his driving licence did not allow, which is not only an offence by the Driver but also for the Firm for allowing him to drive their vehicle without the relevant licence. Giles advised them beforehand of things which would make a difference to their sentence and how we could present the case in the best way possible. They provided Giles with the evidence which he had requested which made a great difference to the Court when Giles represented them, as it was very clear that this was a one off incident which had happened to a good well run business. The Magistrates gave them a very lenient sentence and they were glad that they had called Giles at Ringrose Law!

Road Transport Law

If you are a company that has an Operators Licence for a fleet of HGV or PSV, then our specialist advisors at Ringrose Law are available to assist with any issue with your Operator’s Licence or driver matters.

We can advise you in relation to VOSA or Police investigations where you, your Transport or Business Manager or even one of your drivers is to be interviewed under caution. What is said at the interview stage affects the way that the matter proceeds. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising individuals and businesses at a formal interview under caution.

For further information on Road Transport Law contact Giles Tyas on 01476 590200 or click here for further information.


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