“Working without fear” is this year’s campaign in Lincolnshire that has the aim of eliminating workplace stalking and providing information to employers about how they can support employees about stalking behaviour.  It appears that 1 in 20 callers to the national stalking helpline are stalked by a colleague or ex-colleague.  In the course of cases reported to the Lincolnshire helpline, a stalker will present at the victim’s workplace, however other research indicates that 50% of victims reduce or stop work as a consequence of being stalked.  Many stalkers who present in the workplace will be ex-partners of female victims of stalking who may have also experienced domestic abuse within the relationship.  Feldmann et al 1997 found that stalking cases in general resulted in workplace violence 44% of the time and this increased to 67% in medical facilities.

There is a guide available to employers about how best to support those affected by stalking in the workplace that has been written by the national stalking helpline and is available to download.

In the UK, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men are stalked at some point in their lives according to the British Crime Survey 2011.  77% of people experienced 100 incidents or more before contacting the Police according to Sheridan 2005.  Of the people who have contacted the national stalking helpline, 79% of female victims and 20% are male victims (1% are a group of individuals being stalked by an obsessive.)  Of the people who have contacted the national stalking helpline, 52% of perpetrators are male and 20% are female.

The National Stalking Awareness Day is 24th April 2014.

At Ringrose Law we have specialist teams that can assist victims of domestic violence in obtaining Protective Orders from the Court. For further information contact the team at our offices in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding and Newark or call Costa on 01775 662662.

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