On 22nd April 2014, a single Family Court (FC) came into operation, passing the Family Proceedings Court into history.  The new Family Court is open to sit anywhere in England and Wales and will handle most Family Law matters.  Designated Family Judges acting as gatekeepers will allocate cases as required.  District Judge Stephen Gold says; “The Family Court will take the vast majority of public and family law business and unite Circuit, District and District Judges (Magistrates Courts) along with lay Magistrates who can expect to be compensated with a large fall in their criminal work”. 

The Family Court will operate out of Designated Family Centres (DFC) where the Designated Family Judge (DFJ) for the area will preside.  The Judge goes on to say that the Family Division of the High Court will not be significantly affected and retain its inherent jurisdiction and international work which is reserved to it.

At Ringrose Law, we have a specialist family law team that is able and willing to assist with any matters concerning children and divorce and finances. Contact one of experts at our offices in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Newark, Sleaford and Spalding.

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