Commercial Landlord’s Repairing Covenants

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Repairing covenantsWe are often required to advise on the technicalities of repairing covenants and their parameters.

It is important that both tenants and landlords alike consider the implications of their repairing covenants from a very early stage. As in our experience, once a formal dispute arises both parties can often become entrenched and a dispute protracted resulting in not only costly legal fees for both parties but also potentially for the loosing party, significant repair fees as well.  In our experience, well placed legal advice at the outset can often avoid such disputes. We offer a fixed fee advice service and can advise at a very early stage as to where liability lies usually at an initial appointment.

Robert Breckon, head of dispute resolution comments as follows;

“One must not overlook the importance of legal advice at an early stage.  Disputes between commercial landlord and tenants can be particularly difficult to advise upon especially once the parties have been in dispute for some significant period of time. As a consequence, the provision of early legal advice is essential in managing the claim.  It ought not to be overlooked that the parties involved often are distracted from their business interest to deal with such disputes and therefore whilst legal costs can be expensive, albeit our fixed fee advice scheme offers reasonable rates of payment, the provision of legal advice at an early stage can avoid further claims pertaining to loss of business and the like”.

For further information or advice contact Robert, Head of Litigation on 01522 561020.


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