I recently attended Grantham Magistrates Court to represent a small business owner who had been charged with failing to give details of the driver of one of his company vans. The van had been caught by a speed camera and when requested, the business owner could not identify the driver on the day in question. The client was arguing that he could not provide the details required as he no longer had records of who the driver was. He only kept records of drivers for a certain period and then destroyed them. He was a small business owner and could not afford to keep lots of paperwork taking up valuable space. I was able to successfully argue on his behalf that his excuse was reasonable and he was found not guilty of the charge.

If you receive a summons for speeding or for failing to identify the driver and vehicle then please do not hesitate to contact the specialist road traffic team here at Ringrose law. We have offices across Lincolnshire and Newark or alternatively contact us on our out of hours numbers.

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