Roger Lowther, Member of our Criminal Team at Boston, regularly represents individuals at the Police Station. These are the types of cases Roger can assist with…..

I represented a chap last night for common assault. He explained his account by stating that he was sorry about what he had done and for behaving in the way that he did. He did not know that the defence of self defence was available to him. After having received expert advice on his rights and the defence which was available to him, he put forward his account in interview and was ultimately refused charge.

Another chap I represented last night was arrested on suspicion of theft. The evidence against him was based on description and the stolen goods were recovered from very near to him. He was advised as to his rights and the interview procedure. He was further advised that he should not answer any questions in interview as it is for the police to prove an offence has been committed and he has to prove nothing. He declined to answer any questions in the interview and was refused charge.”

Legal Representation at the Police Station

If you are arrested it is important you ask for representation at the Police Station interview. At Ringrose Law we offer 24hour assistance 7 days a week, ask for our Solicitor or contact our 24hour helpline.

Out of Hours Criminal Defence

For 24hr assistance across Lincolnshire & Newark, please contact us on one of the numbers below.

Boston & Spalding 01205 314600

Lincoln & Sleaford 01522 561022

Grantham & Newark 0845 601 2664

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