The Ministry of Justice statistics show that Landlord Possessions continue to rise.  This is in complete contrast to mortgage possession cases where a dramatic fall has been seen.  The figures released by the Ministry of Justice in August 2014 show that landlord possessions have increased by 26% since 2010, but that there has been a 29% decline in mortgage repossessions during the same period.

In 2013, of the 74,682 warrants for possession issued, only 50% were enforced by the County Court Bailiffs.  In the first half of 2014, this figure improves slightly to 52%.

It is often stated that County Court Bailiffs take on average eight weeks to repossess a property.  It is possible for a Landlord to enforce a Court Judgment or an Order for Money in the High Court which would allow for quicker enforcement although the Court needs to grant permission for the matter to be transferred to the High Court for enforcement.  A Landlord can apply to transfer the Order to the High Court under Section 42 of the County Courts Act 1984.

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