Most people in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire have some connection to the farming industry, whether through friends and family or from attending the local farmers market. What people may not realise is that farming can be dangerous and risky career.

Figures have been published last week by the Health and Safety Executive which shows that 31 people were killed as a result of farming and other agriculture-related activities during 2013/2014.The report shows that transport-related injuries were responsible for more deaths than any other cause. There were also 14,158 non fatal injuries.

Although people may not realise or understand, an employer is under a duty to take reasonable care of its employees’ health and safety, and has a duty to ensure the safety of its employees. This is true whether at the farm or out in the fields. This standard requires the employer to assess the potential risk of injury against the harm it would cause the employee and the cost of putting safety precautions in.

If you are in an accident at work in the agricultural industry, it may not be at the fault of your employer, however if it could have been avoided then you may have a claim for personal injury. A successful claim can help you recover lost wages as a result of time off and even provide you with private medical treatment.

Our Personal Injury team at Ringrose Law understand the strain that missing a harvest can cause on a farming family, we understand the concern that our clients have when considering bringing a claim against a family business for worry of causing their employer financial hardship or being labelled a trouble maker. All Employers are required to have insurance to cover this kind of event so contact our Personal Injury team today on 01522 561020 and we can advise you if you have a claim.

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