An Appeal Court Judge described Legal Aid savings as a false economy after seeing a Litigant in Person struggle without help from a Solicitor.

In Lindner –v- Rawlins, the Court of Appeal refused the Husband’s attempt to produce  material he considered would support allegations made in his divorce petition.

Neither party was represented during the proceedings and the Court had to take time during the hearing to go through relevant Family Proceedings Rules.

In her judgement, Lady Justice Black said the overriding objective of the rules was for the Court to deal with cases expeditiously and proportionality and that enough material already existed for the purpose of the divorce proceedings.

Having dismissed the appeal, she noted that the Husband’s lack of representation meant he had approached the case on a mistaken basis. Tasks normally carried out by the parties legal representatives had to be done by the Court of Appeal Judges instead.

Worse the Judge stated “this way of a dealing with cases runs the risk that a correct result will not be reached because the Court does not have the legal assistance it should have and the Court has no other legal assistance available”.

Do not allow yourself to be drawn into a false economy in preparing a case for yourself.

Here at Ringrose Law we operate a fixed fee system so that clients can budget for the expenditure.

Contact any of our Family Specialists at any of our offices in Boston, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding, Newark and Grantham to ensure that you make the correct approach and do not mislead yourself with law, practice or procedure that could cost you dear in the long rung.

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