Lord Wilson in the Supreme Court has recently clarified that there is no time limit in law for spouses to make a claim for financial provision arising out of Divorce.

Recent case law has been heard whereby the wife has been successful in making an application for financial provision following a Divorce which concluded 20 years earlier. A final settlement has not yet been agreed or Ordered by the Court, however the ex-wife is able to bring the claim due to there not being a time limit on making the financial claim.

This clearly sets out the importance of dealing with finances at the time of the divorce to stop any pending case in the future.

At Ringrose Law, we have extensive experience of representing a wide variety of professional and business clients. A financial settlement has to be tailored to a couples needs and their personal financial circumstances. Negotiating a financial settlement is a skilled and complex task. A settlement has to address immediate financial needs and longer term future needs of both spouses and any children

It is imperative to seek legal advice in relation to these issues and if you find yourself in a position like this or you feel that you’re entitled to make a claim for financial relief, please contact Ringrose Law who are happy to advise you further.

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