The Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Team have issued a newsletter that confirms that studies show that disabled women are twice as likely to experience gender based violence than non disabled women, yet they are less likely to seek help.

The Women’s Aid, Making the Links: Disabled Women and Domestic Violence report confirms this. Recent research also suggests that:

  • Women with disabilities are also likely to experience abuse over a longer period of time and suffer more severe injuries as a result.
  • They are less likely to seek help and often the help is not appropriate.
  • Disabled women make up 7% of all service users of domestic violence agencies.
  • Financial abuse is widely experienced by disabled women.
  • Abuse is often more acute where the abusive partner is the carer.

Further, disabled women in the study said that their being disabled has made the abuse worse and has severely limited their capacity to escape. There is a report, Brown & Turk, 1992, which estimates that 70% of people with learning difficulties have been sexually abused.

At Ringrose Law we represent victims of domestic abuse on a regular basis and we understand how difficult living with domestic abuse is. We have a specialist dedicated team that is willing and able to assist all victims of domestic violence. We run free clinics on the last Friday of each month or call our 24hour domestic abuse legal helpline on 07872 456369.

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