A timber company has been sentenced after a worker sustained significant hand injuries after it came into contact with the moving blade of a cross cut saw.

Brookridge Timber Limited of Devon, was found guilty of breaching Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and fined £5,000 with £4,500 costs at Court.

Although people may not realise or understand, an employer is under a duty to take reasonable care of its employees’ health and safety, and has a duty to ensure the safety of its employees. This standard requires the employer to assess the potential risk of injury against the harm it would cause the employee and the cost of putting safety precautions in.

An employer must provide safe premises, a safe place to work, safe plant, material and equipment and a safe system of working.

If you have an accident in the workplace, it may not be at the fault of your employer, however if it could have been avoided then you may have a claim for personal injury. A successful claim can help you recover lost wages as a result of time off and even provide you with private medical treatment.

People can be wary of making a claim against their employer for fear of reprisals, being labelled a trouble maker or the worry that it may affect the companies’ finances. Employers are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance, for this very reason. This covers full-time and part-time employees, and self-employed contractors they hire and temporary staff, apprentices and volunteers.

If you have suffered an injury or accident in the workplace, then contact our team today at Ringrose Law Solicitors where we can advise you if you have a claim. Where an employer fails to comply with their duty to keep their employees safe, we are very proud to be able to help workers get the compensation they deserve.

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