It has been reported by the Express ( ) that JTF Wholesale Limited have been issued Court proceedings against them after a spa pool on display at their warehouse lead to 18 people needing hospital treatment. Three people sadly died from the disease.

While 13 cases were settled out-of-court, the families of those who lost relatives and one of the survivors who contracted the serious lung infection are pursuing their cases through the courts.

Inquests into the three deaths are also due to be held later this year and JTF’s insurers have already admitted civil liability on behalf of JTF for causing the outbreak.

The Crown Prosecution Service is also considering whether to pursue criminal charges.

Legionnaires’ is a form of pneumonia which can be fatal. Most people recover fully from Legionnaires disease with antibiotics but in some patients, it can lead to further complications.

If you contract this disease where an individual company or the authorities are found to have been negligent, compensation is something that could be relevant. Claims by individuals depend on how the disease has affected their health and impacted on their quality of life. If by suffering from this disease to the extent they have not been able to work and as a result have lost earnings, they may be able to claim these losses back.

If you have suffered from Legionnaires’ or an industrial disease such as vibration white finger or industrial deafness contact Ringrose Law Personal Injury Team today and we will discuss the matter with you and assist you through the process. Although under English law you have three years to bring a claim from the date of the incident or the date of knowledge, there are certain circumstances whereby limitation can be waived by applying to the Courts. Our team of solicitors will work with you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

For further information contact us on 01522 561020 and ask for Rebecca or another member of the Personal Injury team.


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