Grandparents often play an important role in a child’s life, offering love, taking on the childcare of small ones and offering advice and support for older ones.

But what happens to the Grandparents when the parents separate or Divorce?

Often, one set of Grandparents loses contact with the children especially if custody has been given to one parent and the relationship has broken down. Grandparents can find themselves denied access to their own Grandchildren and it can be heart breaking for all involved.  They are often left feeling cut off and upset and the children are left wondering why they don’t see Granny and Grandpa again.

The sad truth is that Grandparents do not have an automatic right to see their Grandchildren.  If an amicable arrangement cannot be made, most Family Courts do recognise the important role that some Grandparents play in a child’s life and an application for permission to obtain a Contact Order can be made.

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