Costs, fees and funding

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cost fees and funding
Contact our dispute resolution team at Ringrose Law for further advice

The Court of Appeal have over turned a Judgement that imposed sanctions on legal firms for missing Court deadlines, ruling that a previous Judge was mistaken in his approach.

The Courts have now been directed to take consideration of all of the circumstances of the case.

They are now suggesting that a strike out is a sanction of last resort preferring to look to stays to assure that compliance is perfected.

What this means for the wider public is that all those parties who were adversely affected in previous sanctions were wrongly prejudiced.

If you have had any cases struck out for missing a Court deadline, now is the time to contact our Dispute Resolution team to see if the case can be resurrected.

Call any of our offices at Boston, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding, Newark and Grantham for assistance.


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