A High Court Judge has made clear that his cost Judgement against a dishonest party should act as a deterrent to others considering deceiving the Court. 

In Joy v Joy – Morancho, the Judge said that the Husband’s conduct in trying to explain his financial circumstances amounted to “blatant dishonesty” and that he had deliberately set about obscuring the true situation as to his past, present and future.

It would be grossly unfair to the wife not to regard the Husband’s conduct as the prime touch stone in the case and characterise the Husband’s case as rotten founded on concealment and misrepresentation, a charade, bogus and contrived. 

Whist it is accepted that such cases are relatively few in numbers, this case does emphasize the need to have a full and frank disclosure of financial assets in a specialised area that we here at Ringrose Law can assist clients with.

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