Holiday or Excuse

Divorce and separation is a difficult enough time especially when children are involved, and as we live in a more international world right now, this can cause even more problems as many of our extended families are spread across the world.

What if your ex-partner wants to take your child on holiday to visit family abroad? Or even worse, they want to relocate permanently?

Sometimes, parents cannot agree on holiday plans because one of them fears that their child may not be returned after the holiday is over.  If this happens without consent then this is ‘Child Abduction’.  Anyone with parental responsibility needs to give permission for a child to be moved abroad on a permanent basis.

In such cases, where abduction has taken place or it is feared that the child may be removed from the jurisdiction then there are international legal agreements between the UK and other EU Countries which can help, but an application must be made to the Court immediately with assistance from a specialist Solicitor.  The Courts primary concern is the welfare of the child and as each case is individual it is important to seek specialist legal advice and have the best representation to have the best possible chance of preventing your child from being abducted, or if this has already happened, the best possible chance of a safe return.

If you feel that you need our help in relation to the above or have any questions, please contact a member of our family department at Ringrose Law.

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