New proposals for pleading guilty

It has reported in the Guardian (11/02/2016) that the Sentencing Council is going to be proposing new draft guidelines so that Defendants who wish to receive reduced sentences by pleading guilty must do so at an earlier stage in the criminal justice process (

At present, those who admit they committed a crime can benefit from up to a third off the sentence they would receive at the end of a contested trial.

Under the new regulations, it is suggested the stage at which an offender can benefit from the maximum reduction will be more tightly defined. To qualify for the maximum reduction an offender would have to acknowledge their guilt the first time they are asked for their plea in Court.

For those who plead guilty after that first stage, the maximum reduction for which they are eligible will be one fifth, compared to one third under the current process. Reductions then drop further the closer to the trial date the plea is entered.

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