• Marrying after you have signed your will actually revokes your will.
  • If you live with a partner and are not married your partner has no rights under the rules of intestacy to inherit from you. Use your will to benefit those you wish to benefit.
  • You can try and protect an interest in a property from the possibility that after your death your partner either remarries or goes into care. You would hold the property with your partner as tenants in common (in equal or unequal shares) and provide within your will for your partner to have either a right to live in the property or alternatively a life interest in the property. The latter enables your partner to ask the trustees of your will to move the deceased’s share to a new property and in short the deceased’s share of the capital in the property is protected for the residuary beneficiaries of the deceased. The right to occupy means that should the surviving partner move out on a permanent basis then the house would be sold and the deceased’s share passed to the residuary beneficiaries.

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