Change of Name Deed Polls for Children under 16

In order for a Change of Name Deed Poll for a child to be undertaken, it is required for both parents to give their written Consent.

If a Father is named on the child’s Birth Certificate, he does have Parental Responsibility and therefore written Consent is required.

Should a Step-Parent obtain Parental Responsibility from the Court, their written permission will also be required for the Change of Name Deed, as well as the child’s Parents.

If a Parent is absent from the child and their whereabouts is not known, it is possible for a Change of Name Deed to happen.  It must be proven to the Court (by way of a letter) that the absent parent has attempted to have been contacted by writing to their last address, contact with their relatives or friends to find out their whereabouts.  It must also be proven that the absent parent has had no interest with the child i.e. no maintenance payments, birthday or Christmas cards or presents and state the length of time the absent parent has been absent for.

Here at Ringrose Law we have specialist Solicitors who can assist you with Change of Name Deed Polls. Please contact any of our offices at Boston, Newark, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding or Grantham.

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