Care Applications at Record High

A Local Authority can make an application to the Court to take a child into care if they feel that the child is in danger, not being cared for properly or that their basic needs are not being met.

The cases of this happening have risen over the last year, seeing February 2016 at a record high with 1225 application made to the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support services (CAFCASS) by Social Workers (source

Whilst everyone is committed to protecting vulnerable children, this can be a very stressful time for parents involved.

They can believe that they have everything under control and that they are able to deal with the professionals themselves.  However, things can change very quickly and so having a legal team on your side is vital.

If you have been notified that Social Services have raised concerns in relation to your children, then contact us immediately.  We want the best for both you and your child and we can work with you to ensure that this is achieved.

For further help and advice please contact the Family Team at any of our offices in Sleaford, Lincoln, Grantham, Spalding, Boston or Newark.

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