Selling a Property – The Fixtures, Fittings & Contents Form

What is the Fixtures, Fittings and Contents Form?

  • The Fixtures and Fittings and Contents Form, (TA10), is often shortened to the F,F&C, and is part of the Law Society’s National Conveyancing Protocol so must be completed by the seller or sellers of the property.
  • It is a list of the items you, as the seller, intend to leave or remove from the property when your sale completes.
  • The list of items is agreed by the parties in the conveyancing process and then forms part of the contract.


What is a Fixture?

  • Fixtures are items which are attached to and form part of the land and are therefore included as part of the contract (for example, fitted wardrobes). The Buyer would expect these to be included in the contract unless the seller expressly states to the contrary.


What is a Fitting?

  • Fittings, however, do not form part of the land and these items must be specified in the fixtures and fittings list. The seller may charge an additional fee for these items so the seller and buyer should reach an agreement on this.


Our tips for completing the F,F&C Form include:

  • Make sure you fill in the form as accurately as possible!
  • Make it clear as to which items are included and excluded from the sale.
  • Removable items such as curtains, lampshades, carpets and fridges will not normally be included in the contract unless the parties agree to them being included. You may decide to charge an additional amount for these items.
  • If a particular item is not referred to in the form then specify it separately to avoid any doubt.
  • Make sure you respond to every question – if any of them are not relevant to your sale or circumstances, don’t leave an empty space in the form – just put ‘Not Applicable’
  • Write your answers clearly! If your writing is illegible, we’ll have to come back to you to clarify your replies for your buyers.
  • Once completed, the form needs to be signed by all sellers and dated. If the form is several months old (for example, if your property has been on the market for some time) then a new form will need to be completed or you will be asked to confirm that the answers on your form are all still accurate.


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