A plumbing and maintenance company based in Birmingham has been fined for failing to ensure the safety of its employees during repair work carried out on the roof of a building.

Health and Safety at Work Act

A worker fell 14 meters from the side of a building, and suffered fatal injuries as a result.

Following a full day’s work, the worker was attempting to retrieve a tarpaulin sheet which had been blown open by the wind, and had landed on the edge of the building.

The company had largely left the workers to their own devices with equipment and a system of work which was not suitable or safe. The company pleaded guilty to breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act and was heavily fined.

The HSE highlighted the importance of suitable and sufficient risk assessment, planning, control measures and effective site supervision which could have prevented the devastating consequences of this accident. There was a foreseeable risk of an accident of this kind, and it could have been prevented with proper risk assessment and supervision.

Risk Assessments

Poor risk assessment, poor training and poor supervision when working at height increases the risk of workers becoming injured. Accidents can cause serious injuries, which leave the worker in pain, with ongoing symptoms, and unstable finances, due to an inability to work.

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