The National Audit Office criticised the NHS saying it must “get a grip” on delays that many patients face in being discharged from hospital.  Often in hospital, the discharge process is not as simple or efficient as it could be and extended delays were noted by the National Audit Office.

The delay was noted as being more problematic for older patients who are at increased risk of losing mobility during extended stays at hospital.  The National Audit Office calculated that older patients can lose 5% muscle strength every day spent immobile in hospital.  The delays sometimes extend into several days in a row, which could lead to a significant decrease in muscle strength for an elderly patient , as well as increased exposure to environments that may cause infection and bedsores, if not kept mobile.

 Head of The National Audit Office said “without radical action, this problem will worsen and add further strain to the financial sustainability of the NHS and local government.”

 If appropriate measures are not in place to ensure elderly patients are properly monitored, they could suffer a decrease in muscle strength or bed sores

 The NHS owes a duty of care to all patients, including elderly patients. While delays in authorising discharge from hospital are not necessarily negligent, the article clearly suggests that the NHS system is not run as efficiently as it could be.

This could lead to a delay in diagnosis or treatment, which could amount to a breach of duty of care.

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If you have been suffered a misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis or treatment which has caused you pain and suffering, you could have a claim for medical negligence.

Ringrose Law has a specialised medical negligence team who deals with such claims. We have offices in Boston, Lincoln, Grantham, Sleaford, Newark and Spalding – get in touch with our medical negligence team on 01522 561 060 to discuss whether you have a claim.


How can we help?

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