The passing of an elderly relative is always a difficult time for the family members left behind. The range of emotions experienced during such a difficult time can easily spread to frustration, disappointment and anger though, when it becomes apparent that the level of care provided to their loved one was substandard.

Increasingly, the news is filled with stories of staff at care homes and nursing homes providing improper or inadequate care. It has unfortunately become a common occurrence for a family to discover that the care provided to their loved one was poor, when they had believed that their relative was receiving specialised care. This can be the result of a series of failings or one trigger incident.

The HSE have reported that a care home company has recently been fined after an elderly resident of a Surrey home died from scalding injuries. The 89-year-old woman received significant scalding injuries, and subsequently died of her injuries in hospital.

The HSE investigation found that the company had failed to effectively communicate information and instruction to its staff so that appropriate control measures could be implemented to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the residents.

The company was heavily fined, and the HSE concluded that the death was tragic and preventable. “People who live in residential care and nursing homes are amongst some of the most vulnerable in our society and rely on others to provide a safe environment for them to live in.”

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At Ringrose Law, we understand that no monetary value could ever replace the loss of an elderly family member. We pride ourselves on identifying areas of substandard or negligent care, and bringing a sense of justice to the family left behind.

To find out more, contact our Medical Negligence specialists in our Personal Injury team. We have offices around Lincolnshire and Newark– drop in to speak to us, or call us on 01522 561020.


How can we help?

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